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Operation Junk was started by two friends from Cal State Hayward in 2010 with a passion to remove junk. Matt and Daniel are the two founders and came up with the idea to use a military theme to differentiate themselves from competitors. With so many junk removal companies out there, how did they expect to grow? By focusing on a few aspects in the industry that competitors ignore and treating each customer as if they were family.
Operation Junk is a company of local college students looking to expand their knowledge in the real business world and change the way people look at junk removal. Any company can claim to be "Green" and being green is important, but we are looking at the big picture. Recycling is a standard process to us and we do not need to gloat it. We focus on other aspects such as top-notch professionalism, customer service, guaranteeing low prices and making sure we surpass the standard image of a junk removal company.
How Did Operation Junk Get Started?
What is our Mission?
Focus on the four R's of junk removal:

Remove Your Unwanted Items
Recycle to Save Landfills
Reuse Junk through Giving
Regive Back to our Community

Your Junk Removal Allies

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