Pricing Guide

We guarantee to beat all estimates along with our highest form of customer service our previous customers love.

Your Junk Removal Allies
Your Junk Removal Allies
Our pricing below includes EVERYTHING!  (Labor, Tax, Fees, NO BS)
NO hidden prices. NO surprise surcharges/fees. NO headaches.

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We will come into your house, upstairs, downstairs, basement or backyard to pickup and remove your junk. We can take almost anything!

A Truckload is 15 Cubic Yards or roughly 2000 lbs. Half load is 7.5 CY or ~1000lbs (whichever comes first). 

Looking to have your junk picked up for cheaper?
Have the junk in a pile ready for us when we arrive in either the garage, driveway or curbside and we will take $6 off per cubic yard.
(Thats a savings of $42 per half truckload or $90 per full truckload!)

Our Base Cost & Each Cubic Yard
base cost
per yard
Based on our pricing, our prices per truckload are:

1/4th of a load (4 CY):  $231

1/2 truckload: (7 CY): $333

3/4th of a load: (12 CY): $503

Full Truckload: (15 CY): $605
CY = Cubic Yard and our truck holds 15 cubic yards
A Cubic Yard is 3 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft or approximately the size of a washing machine. Our dump truck can hold 15 cubic yards.