How Our Estimate Process Works

Step #1: Call Matt at Operation Junk for a Free No-Obligation on site Estimate! We work everyday to make sure you get service the day you want!

Setp #2: Matt and Dan arrive at your location both commercial or residential in their patented green and black dump truck. Hello Operation Junk!

Step #3: They take a look at your junk that needs to disappear and begin to measure out all the junk to give you an accurate all-inclusive volume estimate.  

Step #4: Dan gives you the up front estimate which will never change unless new items are added afterwards. The pricing just varies depending on how much you fill up our truck and how long it takes us to load.

Step #5: Price agreed upon? If not we go on our way haggle free. Otherwise we can start the work right away! We will begin loading the truck in a fast but careful manner, stacking items in the truck like the Tetris pros we are. Most jobs take us on average only 30 minutes.

Final Step: Once all items are removed and we have cleaned up after ourselves, we accept payment (Cash, check or credit).  We tarp our load and the junk is gone!
We offer free estimates because it is 
the easiest and most accurate method 
to price the removal of your junk.

It's very difficult to give a price over the phone because no two jobs are similar.

Before and After. Full truckload is $605.
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