What Operation Junk Does With Your Junk

Dan donating a bike from a junk load.
A load of metal being recyled at a local scrap yard.
Operation Junk is on a mission to keep junk out of landfills. Any items we remove that are in re-usable condition will be diverted from the dump. All metal, wood, yard waste, paper, and cardboard items (just to name a few) are recycled instead of junked. We can even recycle items such as appliances and old boxsprings!

We don't just pick up your items and go straight to the landfill. It is amazing what some company's take to the dumps. Also, we do not just throw and break items into our trucks. Your job does not end when we leave, that is just the first half of the Operation Junk process.
Your Junk Removal Allies

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