Items We Take

Office Junk:
E-Waste Recycling
Desk Removal
Cubical Removal
Paper Removal
(We Do Not Shred)
Your Junk Removal Allies

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Household Junk:
Appliance Recycling
Mattress Removal
Furniture Removal
TV Recycling
Cardboard Recycling
Room/Garage Cleanouts

Construction Debris:
Bathroom Tearout
Wood Removal
Concrete & Brick
Kitchen Removal
Scrap Metal
Tile & Drywall Removal

Backyard Cleanout:
Small Deck Removal
Spa Removal (Above)
Debris/Garbage Pick up
Shed Removal
Wood/Tree Branches
Large Stumps
Green Waste Removal
Our Customers:
Homeowners & Businesses
Real Estate Agents
Contractors & Landlords
Apartment / Condo Complexes
Storage Unit Users

Items We Don't Take:
Loose Dirt/Soil/Sod
Grand Pianos
Pressure Treated Wood (Small Mix OK)
Anything Cemented In-Ground
Operation Junk is a full service junk removal company for anyone with items they are interested in disposing of properly. We can haul away practically anything from inside a warehouse to cleaning out a residential garage. Contact us if you have any questions.
We can haul almost anything and everything two people can lift! 

Also we can come into the house to remove items so that you do not need to struggle to get everything curbside!

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