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What makes Operation Junk the best choice for your Junk?

1. No Hidden Prices or Extra Surcharges! We are confident our prices are as low as possible and do not need to hide them until an on-site estimate. 
2. Affordable! On average our quotes are 15% lower than our franchised competitors. It pays to go with a local company.
4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We take pride in our customer relationships and go above and beyond for them. No job is complete until you are 100% happy with the result or you don't pay. Also, unlike some companies, we NEVER pull a no show.
5. Junk Removal Made Easy! We are always on time for our estimates otherwise we will give plenty of notice. We are the only company without the annoying two hour time frames to wait for us. Your time is as important as ours.
6. Fast, Efficient & Environmentally Conscious! Our team can remove your junk in a flash while keeping on average more than half of all junk we take out of landfills. Our trucks are shiny and automatically tarp to keep the freeways safe.
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             Average Item Prices:
Certain factors may alter price. This is just an example.

Couch & Loveseat:             $125-$150
Refridgerator: (recycle)          $75
Spa Removal:                     $350-$450
Pickup Size Load (4 CY):        $231

Mattress & Boxspring:  (twin-full)      $100
Mattress & Boxspring:  (queen-king)  $150
Bedroom Set:                                      $150-$250
Medium sized UHaul truckload:          $605

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2. You only deal with the Boss! As of now, Matt and Dan are the only two in the company so from the initial phone call to the on-site estimate and the wave goodbye, these are the only two people you deal with. Never worry about false or misleading information from untrackable people.
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