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Operation Junk is looking to hire!

Operation Junk is looking to hire team members who are self motivated and interested in a work environment that is different everyday.

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Operation Junk, Trucking - Light Hauling, San Ramon, CA
We are currently looking to hire members for teams in the areas of Sacramento, San Jose, San Rafael, and San Mateo.
Each team will be given our signature dump truck, a storage location to sort loads and park the truck, and the knowledge/training needed to complete jobs smoothly.

We are paying $12-$15/hr for drivers and loaders part-time.
Benefits include tips from customers, the ability to sell items from jobs on the side, reimbursement for cellphone bill, and performance incentives.

What we are looking for:
-self motivated
-clean driving record & a personal vehicle
-able to work well with others
-sociable with customers
-clean record
-flexibility with work schedule
(some weeks busier than others)

Interested? Give us a call at 925-964-5734!

Know someone you would like to work and team with? Let them know about us!