Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some frequently asked questions feel free to contact us at 1(888)675-8655.
Your Junk Removal Allies
Your Junk Removal Allies
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What is Operation Junk and what do you do? We are a full service junk removal company that takes anything and everything you have that you are looking to get rid of and we make sure it all gets disposed of properly.
Forms of payment? We accept all credit cards, checks with matching I.D. and cash.
Do you come into my house? Yes. Being full service we can remove your junk anywhere. We can come into your house, backyard, attic, etc.
Do I need to be home? No. If the junk is in an accessible location we can call you with the quote and if it is agreed upon take credit card payment over the phone.
Does Operation Junk offer dumpsters? We currently do not have a dumpster service.
Is there anything I can do to make my job less expensive? Jobs where the items are located in a spot with easy access are cheaper then jobs where the items are scattered, require a long walking distance to our parked truck and/or up stairs. Jobs where items are located in a garage or driveway are on average the cheapest. Also we base our pricing on volume so breaking down junked items such as desks/boxes/etc. reduce volume and price.
Do you service my area? We service all of the bay area from Martinez down to Los Gatos and from Silicon Valley/ San Mateo area back out to Livermore.
Is there anything you cannot take? We can take pretty much anything.We cannot take hazardous paint/chemicals and we cannot take anything that can be explosive or illegal. Also we must be able to lift it into our truck. We cannot take light bulbs, tubes, and household batteries
Do you remove dirt? We currently do not offer dirt removal service.
I just have a few items. Can I get a quote over the phone? Yes. For single/few furniture items we can give a roundabout price over the phone but please note it may change upon arrival. If there are more items added or there is more labor required to remove the items then anticipated may cause price changes. We will tell you the final price before beginning the job and will never add charges once a quote is finalized.
How much lead time do you need for an on-site estimate/job? Two days is perfect. One day we usually have a few time slots open and same day service just depends on the day.
Random facts: From single item loads to 20+ truckloads, we do it all. If you are looking for an after hours appointment please contact us. We recycle/re-use/donate over half of the junk from all jobs we do.